TOP 12 Best Makeup Tutorials for Halloween

I have compiled a list of the top 12 YouTubers for the BEST Halloween makeup ideas. Some of these you can try yourself, some you may need the help of a talented artist and some are to just look at and daydream you had the skills to do something like it!

12. Sonjdradeluxe

I have a slight girl crush on Sonjdradeluxe – she is so dope. I am so envious of her everyday makeup looks and holiday looks…I wish I had her skills! I couldn’t not include her on this list because she makes it look sooooo easy.

11. Kandee Johnson

I’ve always been fascinated in comic book type makeup and Kandee Johnson definitely nails it. Look at her hilarious transformations…are you going to try one of these for Halloween?

10. MadeYewLook

This girls skills will definitely make you look. Presenting MadeYewLook’s transformations into some of the craziest and possibly scariest characters.

9. Alyson Tabitha

Im not sure why Alyson Tabitha doesn’t make more YouTube videos but this transformation into Captain Jack Sparrow is probably the best I have EVER seen.

8. Anastasiya Shpagina
I couldn’t not out Anastasiya Shpagina on this list after watching her transformation into the Joker from Suicide Squad.

7. Charisma Star

I thoroughly enjoyed the movie ‘Inside Out’, it was so cute so when I found Charisma Star on YouTube and she had a transformation into Disgust…I was definitely wow’d. Another thing you may know about me is that I love lions and although Scar was a bad guy in Lion King, his look was so badass. Check out her insane looks for Halloween!

6. Glam and Gore

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Glam and Gore is definitely one of the pages I was talking about where you just have to watch their stuff and fantasize that you too one day could be as talented as they are.

5. Jordan Hanz

In researching for some Halloween looks for you guys, I came across the insanely talented Jordan Hanz and became an instant fan! How dope is her work?

4. Chrisspy

I loooooooooove this chick, Chrisspy. Talk about talent. She did some insane looks like this one of her as Dory from Finding Dory, this transformation into Buzz Lightyear or this dope AF Werewolf makeup. Check out some more of her Halloween transformations.

3. Dope2111

The first thing that caught my eye about Dope2111 was her makeup look of Emily from Corpse Bride. She did such an amazing job! So here are a few others of her creations…

Fun fact: She’s married to Michelle Phan’s brother!

2. Shameless Mya

What I love about Shameless Mya is that I feel like we could be friends! She’s so personable and into the things that I’m into. She’s very relatable, funny and has some serious skills.

1. Michelle Phan

I first started watching Michelle Phan years ago and cant even believe how big she’s gotten because of her YouTube channel. These are some pretty easy, well, as easy as she can make it seem, to-do Halloween makeup ideas of hers that I loved. Kinda beautiful, kinda scary.

Who are you favorite makeup gurus on YouTube?


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