What Happens To Your Body After a Breakup

Breaking up is always hard. The hurt can be felt deeply and it may feel like you will never love again. There are a lot of emotions but what really happens to your body after a breakup?

There aren’t that many people that think a break up is a positive experience at first unless you are the one who did the leaving. The fact is that, it actually has a lot of negative affects on your overall health:

When you’re in love, the dopamine, Oxytocin and serotonin levels are all higher but when you break up, your body feels more pain than before because of the decreased Oxytocin levels.

Your weight also changes. Its common either to gain or loose because binge eating releases dopamine, which makes you feel better
Some people find themselves losing their appetite. The body might be responding to the experience of illness and want to stay in bed

You can also suffer from lack of sleep because your thoughts become fixated on revisiting happy moments and trying to win the person back.

Even your facial muscles start to subtly show regret.

Researchers have even found that they can detect negative emotions using a device that measures the electrical activity of tiny muscles. Being sad and grieving are normal but if more long term depression continues, it could be a sign of something more serious. Take care of your mental health and don’t be afraid to seek counseling after a break up if needed.

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You can also experience chest pain that resembles a heart attack. This is called stress cardiomyopathy which is a type of chest pain that goes along with heartbreak. Abnormal heart contractions are felt in the middle and upper portions of the heart.

If you weren’t going through enough already, your stress hormone levels could also be increasing. The emotional stress grows in the body and creates higher levels of cortisol. This stress hormone cortisol causes the heart rate to increase, you breathe faster and your blood pressure is higher.

It usually takes some time to deal with a break up and start feeling better again. We all deal with break ups in our own way. You might down a tub of ice cream and watch romantic movies or maybe keep yourself busy working or go out a lot.

We want to know how do YOU deal with breakups. Leave us your answers in the comments below.


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