What Happens To Your Body When You Smoke Weed

Weed, marijuana, pot, dope. It goes by many names and its the most popular drug around the world being used for medicinal and recreational purposes.

The research on weed is ongoing and not exactly agreed upon by everyone. This is because the Federal government hasn’t done many controlled studies on it. The Food and Drug administration classifies marijuana as a Schedule I drug, which is the most dangerous drug category. That’s the same category as heroin and ecstasy! Cocaine and meth are in a lower danger category.
Is it super dangerous? I don’t know but first off, it would be nice to know what does marijuana actually does to our bodies? What are some of the affects of the drug?

epa02310452 A worker tends to cannabis plants at a growing facility for the Tikun Olam company near the northern Israeli town of Safed on 31 August 2010. In conjunction with Israel's Health Ministry, the company currently distributes cannabis or Marijuana for medicinal purposes to over 1,800 people to help relieve pain caused by various health conditions.  EPA/ABIR SULTAN ISRAEL OUT
 A worker tends to cannabis plants at a growing facility for the Tikun Olam company near the northern Israeli town of Safed on 31 August 2010.  EPA/ABIR SULTAN ISRAEL OUT


First is understanding our brain a little when marijuana is used cannabinoids are chemical compounds that act on receptors through out the brain and keep our neutrons firing. They keep us focused on our thoughts and perception until we go on a different thought.

The high from marijuana comes from the neurotransmitter dopamine. It acts through cannabinoid receptors, tetrahydrocannabinol or THC which stimulates the release of dopamine in large amounts and thus causing a feeling of euphoria.



When you are high, its not a good time to drive, study or play sports involving coordination because the cannabinoids affect the dopamine in your head making you feel more relaxed.
research has shown that weed can cause the body fluids to dry up because it dries up our mucus membranes. It can also make you more dry, down there.

Another fact that it has on your body is dropping your blood pressure because the blood vessels across your body dilate. Your eyes often become red because the blood vessels are expanding. after a few hours after getting high, your heart rate tends to speed up. This can be harmless but also a risk of heart attack combined with the drop in blood pressure.

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Now lets talk about the munchies. Marijuana increases our appetite due to the THC. Usually the neutrons in your brain tell you to stop eating but when you get high, the neutrons start telling you your hungry. And now all you want to do is order a large pizza for yourself and eat a box of cookies for dessert.

Teenage Boy (15-17) Eating Pizza, Close-Up
Teenage Boy (15-17) Eating Pizza, Close-Up

There are short term memory effects pf marijuana usually felt pretty quick and peaking in about 30 minutes or so. This wears off after 2 to 3 hours. As for long term affects for regular or heavy users, researchers have found that after 3 weeks or more since last using marijuana, subjects’ attention and concentration return to normal.

It can be harmful to your lungs. Traditional methods (joints, blunts, etc), first off, aren’t the most efficient and certainly aren’t the cleanest ways to do it. These paper-based methods can be harsh on throat and lung tissue over time.



Lastly it slows down our motor skills. For most people, smoking or ingesting weed can turn you into a straight-up zombie. Blame it on the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) causing a ruckus in your brain’s orbital frontal cortex.


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