Why Do Men Have Nipples?

It is a fascinating question…why DO men have nipples? They don’t lactate…they don’t need to feed another person…so what are their purpose?

Here’s your answer: There is no purpose.

The sex of a baby is determined by the distribution of the X and Y chromosomes but before the sex of the baby is even established, the embryos develop in the exact same way. So basically, both male AND female babies develop the mammary glands, which is the milk-producing gland, before they even resemble men or women. So…women’s nipples form into their wondrous purpose and male nipples….well…they just don’t go away.



Remember that time we said that there’s no purpose for men to have nipples? We just thought of one. Sex. Hey! Nipples are sensitive alright? People like having them touched. Plus, men just look better with nipples. Just imagine what a sexy ripped man with an 8-pack and sweat sliding down his perfectly sculpted chest would look like without ‘em? Weird.

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