Woman Gets Pregnant While She Was Already Pregnant

Giving birth is a miracle in it’s own right but what happens when a mother gives birth to two babies conceived 10 days apart? It’s then considered a medical phenomenon.

There are only 10 medically documented cases of this happening in the world – Kate Hill and her husband were struggling to conceive so in 2006, Kate underwent a hormone treatment after being diagnosed with poly-cystic ovarian syndrome which is a hormonal condition that left her unable to ovulate. After the treatment, she became pregnant, not once, but twice.

Kate conceived two babies, 10 days apart.




The conception is called superfetation, which means that she got pregnant while already being pregnant.

This occurred in Kate after becoming pregnant and then her body spontaneously released another egg giving the embryos different gestational ages.

The strangest part and making the case even more rare, is that Kate and her husband only had intercourse one time – so his sperm stayed alive for 10 days to fertilize the second egg released.

This extremely rare conception started as a single pregnancy with twins, before she conceived 10 days later to be pregnant with triplets. Unfortunately and sadly, the couple lost one of the babies early on in the pregnancy and then Kate and her husband were given two due dates – Dec 20 and Dec 30, 2015.

Their baby girls, Charlotte and Olivia, were born together two days before their scheduled c-section.


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