Woman Has A 4 Foot Big Butt – News In History

31 year old Patricia Washington, who slogs away at 16-hour days at a Detroit steel mill, who grew up in poverty and watched as her own drug-addicted mother was murdered right in front of her (Bruce Wayne-Batman-style), recently underwent extreme plastic surgery to increase her butt size to a whopping 50 inches to pursue her dream of being a plus-sized model.

Yes, discovered by a photographer after images of her new 50-inch ass went viral on Instagram, Patricia shelled out big time for a Brazilian Butt-Lift, in which fat was taken out of her stomach, back, arms and inner thighs and injected back into her buttocks.




Patricia says: “For the past few years I have pretty much lived my life like a caged animal… Now, my ambition is to be free.”

Growing up in poverty, Now, thanks to her new curves she is making thousands.




In terms of romance, however, while she realizes there’s much more of her to appreciate, Washington says she wants to be loved for more than just her booty, explaining, “I’m a relationship kind of girl. If I found that one guy that has the same values as I do… with respect and love, then I would most definitely like to get married one day.”

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