Woman Started Losing Her Hair After Being R A P E D – Stephanie Giorgi

Everyone’s body reacts differently after going through traumatic experiences – some people unintentionally lose weight, they may break out from the stress, they may gain an extreme amount of weight or even just go completely numb.

In the case of 27-year-old Stephanie Giorgi, she began to lose her hair.

Two days before her 27th birthday, Stephanie went out with her friends but started drinking a bit earlier than everyone else. She says that she was a mess, a hot mess. She recalls the night saying that she became the girl that nobody wants to be and that’s when her friends said okay, Stephanie needs to go home and they called her a car.

She was sexually assaulted by that service driver.

She says “between the time that i was taken home and the time i had woken up, i was sexually assaulted”

She said she doesn’t remember anything after getting into the car and speaking to the driver.

But as some people do after being raped or sexually assaulted, they ignore the entire thing and pretend it never happened. So she avoided talking to people about it – she said “I was afraid that because of the way society is, that they would think i had something to do with it”

But one day, in the shower, she noticed her hair started falling out. As more and more of it started to fall out – she knew it wasn’t normal.

She believed that because she refused to cry about her assault that her body began to cry for her – she went to the doctor and learned that her body was reacting to the trauma in its own way.

Months later, Stephanie shaved her head completely so she could take control back in her life – she said it gave her a sense of relief that she didn’t have to see her hair fall out anymore.

Since then, she’s come to accept what has happened to her and she knows it isn’t her fault. She wants any girl who has gone through something similar to know that they’re not alone, even though they may feel that way.

She says: “Just because you’re weak right now, doesn’t mean you’re not strong anymore. You want your happily ever after and you can still get it”

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